Catholic School Education

"Our efforts to educate younger students and accompany young adults in higher education must always be understood as an intentional apostolate of the Roman Church. We do not sponsor a private school system; we support a Catholic school system. Our approach to religious education and moral instruction should never be "Catholic light," but always Catholic intensive. Catholic doctrine, Catholic ritual, Catholic ethos, and a deliberately Catholic commitment to social justice should dominate all programs. Our moral standards for students, parents, volunteers, teachers, coaches and administrators must always be higher than those of any secular institutions.

Jesus Christ should always be publicly acknowledged as The Teacher in our schools and the Lord of everything we undertake in religious education or college-age ministries. Our efforts for academic excellence, success in sports, friendship, and spirit must always be preeminently grounded in the shared spiritual life, worship, morality, and tradition of this Catholic Diocese." Bishop Daniel Jenky, C.S.C.

St. Vincent de Paul Parish has been committed to Catholic Education from our foundation 50 years ago. Like many other Catholic Churches our parish began with the school and the Church building came later thus demonstrating how we as a parish value Catholic education and our desire to provide a school where Jesus Christ is our Primary Teacher.

Are you interested in scheduling a "Shadow Day" where your child can experience SVdP Catholic School first hand?  We welcome you to join us!  Please click here for information on how you can schedule a day that works for you!

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Catholic School Education